Republican Voter ID Bill Today

What's Next?

Republicans will take one step toward re-creating the poll tax today. The Republican Voter ID bill will be considered in the Texas House today which stands to limit voter rights. Here’s a link to the final version of the House bill.

The word is Democrats will propose a list of amendments to try to soften the blow. I expect the Republicans to remain as hateful as ever and vote against the amendments along party lines. If Democrats want to make the news, they should push amendments that make a point, rather than soften the blow.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Automatic Voter Registration at Age 18.
  • Free Driver Licenses & Texas IDs, utilize mag-strip for Voter Registration/Voting.
  • Add a racial profiling by poll workers amendment with enforcement measures.
  • I don’t know, how about mandatory voting? I don’t mean being forced to pick a candidate, but to show up and be counted.

The Republicans are telling us that “illegulz” are voting in droves and committing fraud, but in fact, they are more interested in putting up more barriers to voting; especially barriers for the poor and minority voters–the few that vote, anyway. Ultimately, it’s all a ruse to satisfy the crazies in their political party.

I would suggest House Democrats at least say as much during the floor debate today. Force the Republicans to show evidence of fraud, of the outcomes of $4 million in prosecutions for alleged voter fraud, and force them to tell us the reason for such an “emergency” measure. Offer up my suggested amendments, too, but don’t waste time on softening the blow.

In other words, fight for something, Democrats!

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