Conservatives Attack Long-Term Citizen for Speaking Spanish

I remember the stories my mom and dad would tell me about how gringos (bad anglos) would treat them the minute they spoke one word of Spanish back in the day. Mom told me that one teacher would hit her on the hand with a ruler. Hell, Dad would tell me how gringo restaurant owners treated him while in uniform when her served in the National Guard. Of course, this was in the 40s and 50s.

It’s 2011 and some in the Texas Legislature still feel the need to attack Latinos for speaking Spanish, even when they do what most other citizens don’t do, such as testifying before a legislative committee. Such was the case when Santolin Aguirre, representing the Coalition for Immigrant Rights of Austin, was berated by conservative Texas Senator Chris Harris after he testified in Spanish (with a translator). Harris and others on the committee felt “insulted” for some reason, but frankly, as officeholders, they should feel honored that Texans feel the issue of legalizing racial profiling in Texas is so abhorrent that they would go to the Capitol and speak against it.

Monday was quite the day for conservative Tea party zealots. Joining Harris in spewing hateful rhetoric were the “Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas” in which they said the problem with the legislature is the existence of 30+ Hispanic representatives, which makes me question the sincerity of conservatives who are attempting to recruit Hispanics despite all of the hate.

If anyone should be insulted, it’s those of us who do not agree with those who chose to dial “1” for racist.

Here’s the video of what occurred:

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