NALEO: Hispanic Voter Participation Will Increase in 2012

Latinos will turnout in record numbers in the next Presidential election, with at least 12.2 million casting ballots, according to projections released today by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund.  This analysis also reveals that Latinos will account for a significant share of the electorate in several states. 

In fact, NALEO states that Latino voters may account for as much as 8.7% of the American electorate in 2012. And Texas is among the states in which the Latino electorate may make a difference in 2012.  According to NALEO, it is expected that in California, New York, and Texas, one out of every five voters will be Hispanic; while in New Mexico, Latinos will comprise 35% of that state’s electorate. Ultimately, a 26% increase from 2008’s Latino turnout is expected–over 12 million voting across the United States.

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