SoTe: Are We On The Right Track?

(As many of you know, I’m doing some editing and blogging at the new site, Check out this post I did on smartphones and Latinos.)

When we created Somos Tejanos, Inc. and, it was with the intent of cultivating Latino/a civic participation throughout Texas by focusing on Tejano lifestyle and culture. By creating an online platform, we have exhibited a commitment to reaching the Hispanic Texan community through the fastest-growing medium–the internet. How Latinos get on the information superhighway is what is fast becoming important, though.

A recent Pew Internet poll found that ownership of smartphones–or cell phones that operate on a platform, such as Android, iPhone, or Blackberry–is quite high (39% of American cell phone owners). Although smartphones call for added expense in purchasing a cell phone, 44% of Hispanics own a smartphone, compared to higher percentages of well-off and educated cell phone owners, in general.

So, given those ownership numbers, check out the findings regarding internet access.

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