DC Reviews ~ Jay Perez…The Voice of Authority

Jay Perez is back with a new production on the Tejas Records label, The Voice of Authority. Heavy on the synth, sweetened by Val Maltos’ sax appeal,  and powered by Perez’s voice this is sure to be a hot seller for the Tejano crooner from San Antonio, Texas.

The CD opens with Mirame, a up-tempo ranchera with a groovy synth sound and a romantic chorus. Already you want to stay on the dance floor and the next track, Quiero Comprender, does not disappoint. Perez gives us a raspier tone and the background harmonies give this track an extra push.

Mochate is barrio slang I hadn’t heard in a long time (since high school) and gives this cumbia a fun bent to it as the vocalist tells his lady-love to “give up” a kiss and maybe a little bit more. The guitar playing is exceptional on this track.

The slow intro to Invencible gives one a ballad feel, but then the tempo changes to an acordeon-led and danceable ranchera with a powerful chorus. The indestructible man has fallen on this track.

A surprise on this production is a remake of a ballad made famous in the Tejano world by Joe Lopez and Laura Canales, Te Quiero Asi. The Jose Jose song is aptly delivered and brings back some 80s memories for this fan.

Sin Condicion has been out on the YouTube circuit for a while as Jay’s next hit. A jazzy sax solo compliments this ranchera. La Sigo o La Dejo is that song on every guy’s mind when he’s on the verge of falling for a woman–but only if she lets him. Muñequita gives one a Santana-esque groove with which to toe-tap. A solid lead guitar and a brassy intro give one that Latin Funk feel to cruise the boulevard with.

Perez takes us through Memory Lane again with a new version of No Tengo Dudas, which received a lot of Tejano radio airplay in the 80s performed by Gary Guajardo and then in the 90s by Fandango USA. Perez has a knack for picking past hits and resurrecting them with his own sabor.

Always with the ability to deliver a Country song, Perez gives us an old favorite from 1980, John Conlee’s Friday Night Blues, to close out the CD.

Perez’s band is versatile and can go from Tejano to progressive conjunto to funky R & B to old school Country music. Their live shows are tight and never disappoint. So, much doesn’t change on The Voice of Authority. In fact, Perez’s voice is the central point of the production and proves that he indeed is a vocal authority in the industry.

Buy it at your favorite Tejano music store.

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