Mayor Calls Vote on RLCs

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has called a special City Council meeting for Friday that will have council voting to repeal the ordinance which authorized the use of the red light cameras. Will it go off without a hitch?

Parker made clear she expects a decision Friday with no parliamentary maneuvers to delay a vote.

“If a council member tags it, it means they’re trying to play games with the process. The council members have all made up their minds,” Parker said.

Meanwhile, the RLC naysayers are now naysaying the Mayor’s naysaying of the RLCs. Says one political pot-sitter:

“The regrettable thing is she’s playing politics with this decision as opposed to a principled policy decision. She happens to now be on the right side, but…”

So, you’re telling me she’s on the right side?

Let’s see what happens Friday, since this Council vote carries with it some weight. On one side of the scale is the weight of ATS and their campaign and legal checkbook, and on the other side of the scale are the majority of people who voted against the RLCs.

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