Congressional and Texas House Redraw is Bad!

Well, that’s what I’ve been saying, but now, the Feds are saying it, too. Here’s the story:

Lawyers for the U.S. Department of Justice said that two of Texas’ controversial redistricting maps didn’t comply with the Voting Rights Act’s minimum standards, finding that the proposed changes to state House and Congressional districts failed to maintain or increase the ability of minorities to elect their candidates of choice.

While the Justice Department’s filing in D.C. federal court on Monday isn’t binding, it virtually assures that Attorney General Greg Abbott‘s lawsuit will head to trial. In the past, it has usually fallen to the Justice Department to certify that Texas’ redistricting plans don’t violate civil rights protections. Abbott bypassed that process by taking redistricting to federal court in Washington D.C.

Legal observers expect the federal three-judge panel assigned to the case to set a trial date as early as Wednesday.

So, this announcement basically “adds heft” to the overall judicial process. Texas Republicans have gone out of their way to avoid a binding ruling by the Department of Justice; however, since this will eventually reach the Supreme Court, there’s no doubt that I still worry that some awful, politically-motivated decision, i.e., the complete decimation of the Voting Rights Act.

This is why the Democratic mantra of late has been, “elections matter.” I guess this avid voter doesn’t have to be convinced of this, but those that sometimes and hardly vote must be convinced.

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