Texas Hispanics Prefer Obama Over Perry

That’s according to the most recent numbers from Public Policy Polling. Although the poll states Perry can beat Obama, what is keeping the margin slightly tigher is the Hispanic vote.

There are a couple things keeping him (Obama) from getting completely crused in the state though.  One is the Hispanic vote- he’s up 28 points on Perry, 35 on Romney and Paul, 43 on Bachmann, and 45 on Gingrich with those voters. In the case of Perry that margin is equal to what Obama won Hispanics by in Texas in 2008 and with the others it’s a wider spread.  This is one state anyway where he is not slipping with Latino voters.

This just goes to show that, as disillusioned as Hispanics get over President Obama’s immigration enforcement measures and a lack of Congressional moves on comprehensive immigration reform, we are not single-issue voters. Hispanics have been hit hard by the economy, but a Republican-led Texas Legislature and Rick Perry’s leadership did not help Hispanics with deep cuts in K-12 education, higher education, health care, and other services.  Of course, how can we forget Perry’s attempt at criminalizing “being brown” with his sanctuary cities racial profiling bill.

In other words, Latino voters are paying attention. Of course, this means that Texas Democratic candidates and GOTV campaigns should take note that, even with Republicans attempting to violate the Voting Rights Act through the redistricting process or through a voter photo ID, they will need every vote they can muster to win locally and in Texas’ large counties, beyond the those polled.

Let’s not forget, though, that while we have 2012 on the brain, we still have 2011 to complete, especially here in Houston.

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