The ChroNods are Done…

With today’s HISD endorsements, it looks like the Chron is done with their endorsements, other than the constitutional amendments, I think. (NOTE:  Wait, what about HCC?).

Needless to say, there weren’t many surprises, even in At-Large 5; other than the drama provided by the Chron’s delay on that race. I’ve made my choices, but other than telling the candidates that I’m supporting (and a few fellow bloggers), I haven’t been too public about my secret ballot this time around. Maybe after I cast my early vote? Maybe…

Anyway, you can find all the ChroNods here.

For those of you who still need to learn more about the candidates, Charles Kuffner has been the best blog resource.

And the League of Women Voters is awesome, as always, with their voter guide (en EsPanish here). LWV Houston has also been showing their candidate forums on Houston Media Source. Here’s what’s left:

October 20
Houston City Council District J | 6:30 pm
Houston City Council District K | 8:00 pm

October 22
Houston City Council Position 4 | 2:00 pm
Houston City Council Position 5 | 3:30 pm

October 27
Houston Mayor | 6:30 pm
Houston City Council District I | 8:00 pm

With only 125,000 voters predicted to participate in the 2011 election, it is best to be prepared. For those of you who still can’t figure out for whom to vote and need one hot button issue on which to base a decision, then I would suggest Planned Parenthood’s list. And if you can’t decide in At-Large 2, then scroll down that list and find those that scored a 100–only three out of the 10 candidates made the cut.

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