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TDW-Harris’ Awesome Carnival

Texas Democratic Women-Harris hosted their Candidates Carnival last night at the CWA Hall. A whole bunch of 2012 candidates and office holders were in attendance gathering signatures for their efforts in obtaining ballot status. Guests from all over the county were in attendance, as well as our hard-working friends from Fort Bend County, The Bankstons. Guests enjoyed all sorts of carnival games, including the chance to dunk a Rick Perry look-alike, as well as a costume contest.

I don’t know about the rest in attendance, but I needed this type of event. These last few weeks, we’ve been pointing our political weaponry at the GOP debates, but it was good to talk shop regarding 2012 Dem efforts. Can’t wait for the next event.

Ted Poe–The Human Air Raid Siren

Ted Poe, the member of Congress from my area, is known for sounding the alarms for just about anything–pretty  much like his right-wing constituency. And his reaction to some pranksters donning sombreros at a San Antonio courthouse would have given me a chuckle if Poe’s freak-out wasn’t part of a pattern. Remember Ted Poe’s fake crime statistics on immigrants?

Donning sombreros seemed more like some frat prank than anything. You figure the member of Congress would know about such things.

Rick Perry’s Drug Plane

Yes, finally, after Rick Perry’s lies about 2002 Gov candidate Tony Sanchez’s bank being involved in drug dealing, Perry gets his own drug plane to fly around the country. Makes one wonder if the drug kingpins are buying politicians now.

Oh, wait. Just read the rest of the story. Oh well, no need to retract anything, right?

Give the Republicans Un Chanclaso!

I’ve always said that Latino-targeted messaging needs to be culturally relevant–beyond simple translations. Thanks to comedian Gabriel Iglesias, we now have an example of this, and the Democrats should take note. Insurance companies are known for saying their claims services are fast and speedy, well, here’s a way to say it, Raza style. (Faster than a flying slipper (thrown by a pissed of mom, maybe?))

Even the phone number is an example of good messaging.

What’s the message for 2012, Dems?

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