Thoughts On Viernes…UnoUno-UnoUno-UnoUno Edition

Thank a Vet!

I thank a Vet every chance I get, but today is designated as Veteran’s Day, so, take some time to also reflect on all the Vets who have served. And to all, a wish for peace.


The parody twitter of the Spanish-speaking (sort of) Mayor of New York, Bloombito, wished us all a happy 11-11-11 in his own way.

The Salsastrict?

Since District C is the hipstrict, then District J must be the…nevermind! But the Chron sure exposed some things in an article about the creation of District J and how some Latino members of Council wouldn’t give up territory to create a stronger space. Ultimately, the new “Latino” district is hardly Latino in the electoral sense, since less than 20% of registered voters are Latinos, and the Citizen Voting Age Population isn’t that much more impressive. In this case, the winner in the race said it best:

Laster said the southwest Houston district is a Latino-opportunity district – and more.

“I like to say that District J is the Ellis Island of the city,” he said. “We come from every corner of the globe. We represent every ethnic group, every religious group. We speak multiple different languages and we’re from varying economic social groups.”

I don’t have a doubt that District J, or even District A, will elect Latino candidates in the future as long as they build strong coalitions and not rely solely on Latinos. As I said at the beginning of the City redistricting process, Latinos are everywhere in Houston, but 2011’s voter turn-out will tell us that engagement outside of the usual two districts was not very existent. Given our low participation rates, Latinos need a lot more than just a GOTV effort; their mere existence needs to be acknowledged–and positively.

Those Damn License Plates

Kudos goes to Progress Texas for their social media and on-the-ground efforts to defeat the confederate license plates. Meanwhile, the Republican leading the effort for the plates, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson has told us to “get a grip.” I guess he likes Texas’ history of lynchings?

I’m Missing the Spinach Festival, but…

…I’m attending what will probably become the best wedding I have ever attended.

Crystal City’s Spinach Festival has some top-notch entertainment this weekend; although, I’m not too happy that the freakin’ frackers are among those paying for the deal–and being honored. I guess jobs take precedence over earthquakes and polluted lands?

Anyway, congrats to Blake and Shaun on their wedding day!

And the rest of you, have a great weekend!

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