DSCC Takes Anti-Fence Stance?

It only took five years.

Remember when the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee ran some anti-immigrant ads to help some of their more right-wing Senate candidates? This was back in 2006. It incensed many of us; and after some wavering, the video was removed.

Color me surprised to find an ad on my Facebook page in which the DSCC asks folks to denounce Herman Cain’s electric fence by filling out a petition on the  matter.

Kudos to the DSCC for the fact that this is only a petition and not a request for cash. At least not initially. Obviously, it is going to take money to help those Senators who support the DREAM Act and CIR get re-elected. Hopefully, the data collected will be used to recruit supporters to get out the Latino vote.

But the DSCC also needs to remember that five (5) of the Senators who benefited from the anti-immigrant video will be crawling back for help. I would say they need to be the first to sign this petition before they get any big checks.

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