The HD-127 Edition of the TX House/Senate ReDraw

Well, for the best view of the Federal Court’s edition of the House and Senate, go to Texas’ redistricting map site, and then seek maps from the category named Perez, Et Al and find plans H298 and S163. I know, it’s a bit complicated, but you can play with it enough to find if your house has been placed in the “right” district. Check it out.

For my neck of the woods, it looks like HD-127 has changed again, bringing some of the past together with the future. It will continue with Kingwood, Atascocita, parts of Humble north of Will Clayton Road (excluding the central part of the town), East to Huffman and down to Crosby, just north of Hwy. 90. Added beyond the new parts of Humble are the Deerbrook Mall area and on to the west, and north along 1960, to include some of the older suburban areas by the airport, and a swath along Cypresswood. So, while the area is a little different, the demographics aren’t much different. But with Humble comes some new opportunities based on diversity.

Lost from HD-127 were some strong Dem areas in south of Crosby (Barrett Station) and further south to Channelview, which now end up under the care of State Rep. Ana Hernandez-Luna. And I do mean care because this area was oft-neglected by Joe Crabb, and now, Dan Huberty. Huberty, though, will now have more voices in the district whose children attend Humble ISD schools, so there is a lot of organizing opportunity here.

Thankfully, one of the good guys is already laying a foundation for a run against Huberty in HD-127, Cody Pogue. An educator committed to what is right, Cody has been trekking the district, making the necessary calls, and contacting the right people. I’m looking forward to his run.

From  his FB site:

Hi, I am Cody and I want to be your state representative. I am not a politician or a businessman. I am a teacher. I dedicate every day of my life to teaching Texas and US History and government to young people in our area. It’s a passion I have held for many years.

A 7th generation Texan, I was raised in Northeast Harris County. My family didn’t have much money, but I learned the value of hard work, nature, community, and loving my neighbor from a young age.

If elected, I will make sure that education is a top priority in our state. We need to adequately fund our schools and then give teachers the authority to actually teach and not be burdened down with meaningless tests. I will also stand up to protect the forests, lakes, and rivers we use for hunting, fishing, and sustaining life. I will stand up for locally owned small businesses and I will always put the people of Texas far ahead of special interests.

He’s the real deal.


The changes in  SD-4 have Orange County and Liberty County cut out, but now we have more of Montgomery County. Obviously, I reside in the same northeast corner of Harris County that has been in SD-4 for a while now. When it comes to “Democratic” competition, it hasn’t been too friendly as most of the more “D”-heavy Jefferson County has been in it. Given the competitiveness within our convention caucus room, the JeffCo coalition (with Orange and Chambers) has come out the winner, and then largely ignores all of the other counties–seldom to SDEC members visit our neck of the woods.

Anyway, if I’m still residing in SD-4 by next summer, I will definitely look forward to Convention in Houston. It is time for some real coalition building.

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