Thoughts on Viernes…11182011

Thoughts on the Maps

Kuff has his thoughts here, but I think he hit it on the head with this:

Before I get too into this, the invaluable Texas Redistricting reminds us that the parties in the lawsuit will be able to make objections and comments to the proposed maps today at noon. Meaning, there may yet be some tweaks to come.

 I was asked by a couple of candidates and candidate minions if our long redistricting nightmare had finally ended. Well, while I see the PR machine on the Dem side going full-throttle in celebration, there may be tweaks, there may be changes, and with Republicans whining about it, there could be more frivolous lawsuits from them. But it’s good to see judges siding with the future, rather than with a deep, dark history of voter suppression.

We Need Voters

And looks like an effort by CM James Rodriguez and Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project is set for lift-off with a forum held earlier this week. There’s no doubt that we need more voters to, basically, increase the base, and every little bit helps. Let’s get new voters registered, those that have moved apartment to apartment out of the suspense files, etc. I doubt this will be the only game in town, especially the GOTV part of it. But 2012 is an important year in so many ways. So, let’s keep our eyes on the prize.

Bobcats Say Adios to the FCS

It’s the reason Southwest Texas State University became “Texas State.” It’s the reason TXST is spending $32,000,000 to expand Bobcat Stadium to 30,000 seats. And…OK, I forget the third reason. But the Bobcats finish up what was a non-conference season against Sam Houston, closing another chapter on Bobcat Football and starting a new one in the FBS – Western Athletic Conference.

2012 is going to be one tough season for the ‘Cats as they play Texas Tech, Houston, Wyoming, and other big, established big football programs. But the new stadium sure will be nice. I just hope that with looming budget cuts in 2012 we don’t have to add duties to professors, like mowing the grass, cleaning the seats after a game, etc. (Snark)


One of my favorite programs on KPFT is Nuestra Palabra, and my good friend Liana Lopez is the producer for that program. Well, Liana also produced the recent Pacifica Women’s Day national radio segment on Immigration and Women’s Rights, which includes:

Interviews with iconic immigrant’s rights activists Maria Jimenez and Houston resident Aurelia Suchlit detained for more than two months TWICE in ICE facilities due to mistakes in bureaucratic paperwork.

So, give it a listen at this link.  Congrats to Liana!

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