Gallego To Run in My Former Neck of the Mesquite

Yes, we had heard about it, but today, Pete Gallego made it official at the Texas Democratic Party HQ in Austin. Gallego has filed to run for the 23rd Congressional District.

The 23rd is an expansive district that reaches from San Antonio to far West Texas, and even includes the county from whence I came, Zavala County. So, for my family and friends down there, I can honestly say, this is the leader to support to unseat Canseco.

The 23rd was recently redrawn and there is a strong opportunity to elect the right candidate with Gallego in the race. But as strong as the opportunity is, it is not a walk in the monte for any Party, and Gallego seems to understand that from the get-go.

“I will be a voice for practical, common sense solutions to the real challenges  Texans face every day,” Gallego said, “Voters are tired of people on the extreme fringes tying up Congress and rejecting bipartisan solutions. I’ve spent my entire adult life working with people of differing viewpoints and bringing people together to get things done. That’s what’s missing in Washington, and that’s why I’m running for Congress – to get things done!”

Gallego, of Alpine, TX, has been an effective Representative in his district and equally effective in the halls of the Texas Capitol.

This is definitely a must-watch race for 2012.

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