Thoughts on Viernes…11092011

The Democratic Women Event

I, along with members of my proud pro-Choice Chicano family, attended the event at the Planned Parenthood facility on 45-south. It was an excellent event which allowed me to meet some of our best Democratic candidates, some of our best activists, and to just enjoy good holiday and progressive fellowship. A great time was had by the packed house.

The Dem in CD-7

At the function last night I found out my good friend James Cargas is getting set to file for Congressional District 7 to challenge Culberson. I’ve known James for a while as we worked together on the Edwards ’04 effort locally and he offers a wealth of experience in public service. You’ll hear more about Jim soon. It was great seeing James and Dorina!

Another Energetic Candidate

So, I went to the blogger lunch that I try to attend every month and met the Democrat running for Texas House District 26, Vy Nguyen. HD26 has become quite the coalition district with its rich diversity, so, it is good to see such an energetic and positive candidate. That will be a must-watch race, for sure.


Well, tomorrow is your last chance to vote in the City of Houston Run-Offs. There’s all sorts of predictions on the final turnout. I’ll say between 43K and 45K. Why? ¿Por que no?

A Good Response to Perry Anti-Gay Ad

Congressman Silvestre Reyes released a pretty good response to Rick Perry’s ad:

“Governor Perry’s ad is inappropriate and frankly unacceptable. This is an attack on those who can openly serve our country in the United States military, and Perry owes these brave men and women an apology for distastefully using them as a political prop. It is an attack on those who serve our nation proudly – with distinction, honor and commitment.

“Governor Perry doesn’t seem to understand that in civilian society, there is no law that requires individuals to conceal their sexual orientation to keep their job.  The ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy was inconsistent with our nation’s ideals of fairness, equality, and justice and that is why I voted to repeal it.

“Today, I stand by my vote. Governor Perry is in the wrong. There is no room for discrimination in our nation or in our military.”

Enjoy the weekend! I’ll be spending some time with my pro-Choice Chicana Feminist mom.

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