Lane Lewis Elected HCDP Chair

Note:  I usually show up to CEC meetings to check out the action, but a cold knocked me out for the last couple of days. Still, I followed the FB and Twitter updates from my recliner.

Congratulations to Lane Lewis on his election as Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party. Past Chairman Gerry Birnberg made his resignation official last night and an election was held in which the duly elected Democratic precinct chairs voted for and elected Lewis to the post. Stated Lewis:

We have much work to do over the next several months to get our county and our candidates ready for the November 2012 election.  This enormous task will take the work of current elected officials, precinct chairs and activists working in unison.  My job will be to foster a new vision for our party and work to keep us all focused on our common goal.”

During Lewis’ acceptance speech, he spoke briefly about the direction and his vision for the party.

“A unified effort from every Democrat is the key to winning elections,” Lewis said.  “It’s plain and simple.  The middle class is under attack; the work we do in 2012 will be key to protecting the future and the promise that the American Dream provides.”

As I mentioned last night in an FB post, I am definitely looking forward to a new Democratic energy in 2012, and Lane definitely offers that energy. I look forward to working with him and supporting him during the 2012 Democratic Primary.

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