Catching Up on the Week’s Chisme

A Lecture at City Hall?

That’s what one of the new guys on the horseshoe called it, apparently. Frankly, I think Helena Brown’s talk-down by CM James Rodriguez was well-earned. As far as “magnificent,” well, I don’t know about that. I said during my end of the election post that the newbies were going to have to work and play well with others, especially those reppin’ districts. City Council is about relationships and if done right, you can accomplish much. I also said Brown would make us all wish Addie Wiseman was still at City Hall. Well…maybe.

It’s Not Even a Story Anymore!

That’s right, 2012 will be another NoTejano event at HoustonRodeo.

¿Si o No?

Looks like the Chron already wants to start something for 2013. I mentioned it in my post-election thoughts, too. Now, I’m wondering if one of the “magnificent” 7 might be getting interested, too.

The Mintz Kick-Off

I was proud to be one of the hosts of the Silvia Mintz for Education Kick-Off Fundraiser at Julia’s Bistro on Wednesday.  Along with it being a success, the event also provided a burst of energy that many of us needed, now that the Republicans and the Supremes are messing with our elections. It’s the kind of energy we need to sustain starting now–no matter how long the Republicans force us to wait. I’m sure glad she and other energetic candidates will be anchoring the ballot.

More posts later. Just felt like catching up during this busy week!

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