Thoughts on Viernes….Friday the 13th, 2012 Edition

Did You Hear…

…the one about the two people who don’t even live in the Congressional district they are running in? Thankfully, the best candidate does live in the district.

 Deport Craig James!

Who is this guy? He admits to taking money and favors illegally as a student-athlete, but passes judgment on people who want to actually earn their take? He does all this as a college student, but he passes judgment on college students who haven’t done anything wrong?

The Republinuts get nuttier (and disgustingly self-righteous) everyday.

Thoughts on ¡Rob!

I loved it. One of my sheroes, Dolores Huerta, likes it, too. If that means I’m included with those that can appreciate good-natured humor, as well as the employment of a lot of Latin@ actors and writers (with none of them being Eddie Olmos–kidding), then I guess I must be in good company.

Music Break: Los Palominos – Mafia Medley (© Urbana Records)


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