Let’s Support My Friend, Tim

This Sunday, February 12 at Noon, the Bethel United Church of Christ (1107 Shepherd) will be where we all can help my friend, Tim Brookover.

Tim is the President of the Houston GLBT Community Center and is battling cancer, while remaining as energetic in his work in the GLBT community.

the people of his long-time church home have decided to help. Bethel United Church of Christ (1107 Shepherd) will host a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for Brookover’s expenses this Sunday, Feb. 12, at noon. Ticket’s are $10 and include beverages and speghetti. RSVP via facebook.

Tim has also been a source of comfort and support to my family, as well as other close friends, after the loss of GLBT activist Mike Kelley. So, when I saw that his church and friends were holding this event, I decided to do my part to spread the word a bit further.

So, let’s show Tim how much we appreciate his work!

One response to “Let’s Support My Friend, Tim

  1. Thanks for posting this, Stace!
    Tim is a good friend to me and many, many others. He gives unconditionally and truly has a servant heart.
    It is wonderful of you to public this great event this his church is doing.