Thoughts on Viernes…02102012

Grier’s Staying?

Well, when five of the folks who hired the chief of schools are still around, it’s hard to get rid of the dude, right? I’ve already seen some interesting discussion regarding the abstentions. Some aren’t happy, others fear a “no” vote may have made them ineffective, considering a majority exists to back up the chief. I think the question that will go around is:  How would you have voted?

I think there’s a lot more to the vote, not to mention the hushed voices of folks who have been pretty vocal in the past. Still, 5  to 1 to 3 is nowhere near a vote of confidence. It’s just a vote. Then again…

HBAD Endorses The Real Deal

The Houston Black American Democrats endorsed James Cargas for CD-7. Thank you, HBAD, for recognizing an experienced, thoughtful candidate. And thanks to the Tejano Democrats for at least recommending James Cargas to the membership last night. He’ll be back.

Standards for UHD

I think it’s a good thing. Becoming a bit more competitive will help increase the institution’s attractiveness to first year students, increase retention rates gradually, and increase graduation rates. There’s no doubt that open admissions “open opportunities” to folks, but we are in an era in which every education dollar must get an effective return–especially our financial aid dollars.

Bottom line– One-third of university students enter unprepared and not ready for university studies. And these standard changes will hopefully brighten up the spotlight on community colleges as venues to bring recent products of our K-12 system up to college/university speed. There must be a commitment to get them ready for prime time.

Now, if we could only get the funding up to par.

Busy Weekend!

Kingwood Area Dems have their Brunch and Candidate Round-Up on Sabado. I think it’s just about sold-out, but if you’re a candidate and just want to do a drive-by, come on by–bring a checkbook, anyway. ha ha

Thanks to Judges Steven Kirkland, Josefina Rendon, and RK Sandill, as well as judicial candidate Donna Roth for their continued support!

The Celebration of Life Honoring my brother Mike Kelley is Saturday at 4pm. Join us!

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