Now, That’s How One Announces for 2015

With all the talk about who is going to challenge Mayor Annise Parker in 2013, Controller Ronald Green seems to have stated how he really feels.

I think Annise Parker’s going to be (re-elected) mayor in 2013. I don’t have any problem saying that. I have no desire that she not be the mayor. I think she will rebound from what showing she had last year. I think that at the end of the day I’m keeping my options open. I think that as long as the two of us can work together, she’ll be the mayor for the next four years, I’ll be the controller.

And then…

“When the time comes,” he repeated with a laugh. “I will be formidable. I have shown that I can be formidable in anything I run for.” Green was unopposed in November for a second two-year term.

I’ve been a fan of the Controller since his first race for Council. And he seems to know how to play it, rather than be a bully or a naysayer. But I know there’s at least one member of the City Council that I wouldn’t mind seeing announce for Mayor in 2015, too.

And now, back to our regular 2012 programming…

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