Supremes to Decide Affirmative Action: A Perfect Storm

It really does look like a perfect storm–well-coordinated and perfectly positioned, time-wise.

The Supremes will take on the issue of Affirmative Action at colleges and universities in the fall–around the time of the elections. It is scary to think that the Supreme Court could have a hand in turning back the clock; however, the attack against diversity is nothing new.

Ever since Dumbocrat AG Dan Morales opened the door to attack through his awful interpretation of Hopwood, the right-wing has been relentless. Any white kid who didn’t get into UT was given the right to blame any brown or black kid for blocking them from attending, it seemed. Forget that ones experiences could make that person a better candidate, or yes, even forget that Texas was becoming a lot more diverse, particularly when it comes to college admissions.

Back to the perfect storm, the Supremes are already taking on some hot topics regarding diversity, so “race” will be in the news from now on as arguments and opinions fly about. What adds to the worry is this:

But there have been changes in the Supreme Court since then. For one thing, Justice Samuel Alito appears more hostile to affirmative action than his predecessor, Sandra Day O’Connor. For another, Justice Elena Kagan, who might be expected to vote with the court’s liberal-leaning justices in support of it, is not taking part in the case.

Kagan’s absence probably is a result of the Justice Department‘s participation in the Texas case in the lower courts at a time when she served as the Obama administration’s solicitor general.

I can already see the responses or excuses, like “we are colorblind,” or “we don’t need it anymore,” or “things are better, you should be happy with that.”

And those are just the nicer ones. Don’t even read the comments in the Chron

Ultimately, this just shows how important elections really are. There is no sense in waiting to see what the decision may be; it’s just time to get out the vote!

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