Pastor’s Request Shows Right-Wing Hypocrisy

So, there’s this right-wing preacherman demanding that our Mayor Annise Parker resign because she supports same-sex marriage. Citing the Constitution, the bigoted preacherman stated that Parker is violating the Constitution by wanting same-sex marriage.

OK. Here’s the hypocrisy. This preacherman’s church is hosting the Harris County Republican Party’s convention. This is the same party that has consistently violated the Constitution by pushing a hate-based agenda that includes voter intimidation, violation of voting rights, violation of women’s rights, etc. Heck, they even want to push it so that they do away with certain amendments so that they can expand the hate–while pushing said hate.

The preacherman has a right to be a bigot under the Constitution. The fact that the Republicans are holding a convention there set off a bunch of red flags for me regarding partisan politics from the pulpit. And if it’s a rental agreement, the fact that money would be exchanged says even more about these people who use religion as a basis for bigotry–not to mention partisan agenda-setting.

There’s no doubt the bigotry will continue. Perhaps the rest of us can just pray away the hate…and vote!

One response to “Pastor’s Request Shows Right-Wing Hypocrisy

  1. As a Christian who has actually read and understands the Bible in Greek and Hebrew, it really makes me sad to read of this supposed “pastor” and his misguided flock. The Bible does not condemn committed same gender relationships, only promiscuity and prostitution.
    Jesus teaches us to view the entirety of Scripture through the lens of loving God and loving everyone else in the world. If only Mr. Riggle and Grace Community Church would give that a try.