I Guess We Are Voting

The panel of federal judges in San Antonio has ordered Primary elections be held on May 29. Some say, “Finally!” while others are holding on to hope that the DC court’s order will un-do the SA re-draw of the maps. At this point, I would think it unlikely, but then again, who knows? It’s been that sort of season. Anyway…

The Texas political primaries will be on May 29, a panel of federal judges ordered this afternoon, and candidates can file for those elections starting tomorrow and ending on Friday, March 9.

Candidates who already filed can drop out, stand pat or switch to other races. Candidates who didn’t sign up during a filing period last year can sign up now. The parties have to deliver a completed list of their candidates to the Texas Secretary of State by Monday, March 12.

For those running for Texas Legislature, they must establish residency in the district by April 9. Of course, if one is running for Congress, there is no requirement that one reside in the district. And if there are any run-offs, they will be held on July 31.

So, that takes care of the voting. The following post will have what will be happening regarding the Democratic Convention process, or at least links to the experts who get all involved in that process.

For all intents and purposes, it’s on! We’ve got around 90 days until the big day, a couple of weeks less until Early Voting. And we have a couple of months to get folks registered for the Primary, too.

Now, back to work.

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