CD-33 Is Gonna Be Interesting

Looks like former Dallas City Councilman Steve Salazar has also filed for CD-33 and he has the backing of DosCentavos friend and State Rep. Roberto Alonzo. I say interesting, because, well, read along:

State Rep. Roberto Alonzo told me today that he toyed with the idea of running in the newly created congressional District 33.

But instead of jumping in a race that’s expected to include his old rival, former state Rep. Domingo Garcia, Alonzo is backing longtime ally Steve Salazar in the Democratic primary. The former Dallas council member announced his candidacy for the seat Tuesday. Salazar is also a rival of Garcia.

The primary battle for the new congressional seat could be epic. The district includes parts of Dallas and Tarrant counties. Battles are already emerging on each side of the county line.

In Tarrant County, state Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Fort Worth, has launched his campaign for the seat. He’s expected to be joined by several other Fort Worth notables. Fort Worth council member Kathleen Hicks said Tuesday she would seek the Democratic nomination for District 33.

On the Dallas County side, Garcia and Salazar will also have company. Activists Carlos Quintanilla is kicking off his campaign tonight at a Golden Corral in southern Dallas.

With the high number of candidates in the race, a runoff is almost certain. There might be a scenario where the winner of the Fort Worth bracket will meet the winner of the Dallas bracket on July 31. We’ll see.

The Dallas County aspect of this race could be nasty. Remember the fights for state representative that Garcia and Alonzo had last decade? They were not pretty, but very entertaining.

Salazar has that Crystal City connection that I like in a candidate from Dallas (his wife and I went to high school together), so, I’ll be paying a lot of attention to this race. Salazar and Alonzo have run some great ground campaigns, recently, so there’s nothing like an exciting primary to get the people excited about voting.

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