Don’t Mess With Texas Women Tour in Houston-Monday

As the group tells us:

Texas Governor Rick Perry and his conservative allies have once again chosen politics over Texas women. To Governor Perry, women’s health is just a political game.

Governor Perry would rather throw health care for an additional 130,000 women overboard than allow Planned Parenthood to provide health care like breast and cervical cancer screenings, birth control, and STD prevention through public health programs.

Save the date for a special event in Houston to show your support for TEXAS WOMEN!

Take a quick lunch break and join us!

*Lunch Boxes will be provided

And this guy will be there representing my mom and sisters (they’ll be busy)! Hope to see you there!

And while you prep for Monday’s events, make sure you put the Unite Against the War on Women Rally at the State Capitol to be held 4/28/12 on your calendars.

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