Thoughts on Viernes…03302012 (The Leaving Kingwood Edition)

I’m Outta Here!

I figured, why wait for April 2, I’ll use ToV to make my announcement:

I’m gone from Kingwood!

According to my voter registration record, I am now a Houstonian who will vote in CD-7, SD-13, HD-137, County Commish #3, and Houston District J, among other political subdivisions (although the County hasn’t updated the subdivisions on the site for the new VR cards, yet, but I’ve seen the re-map and I’m in these subdivisions).

After several years of threatening to move, the opportunity presented itself and I’ve sort of been sneaking my belongings out of the Livable Forest and into my humble abode in SW Houston. Trying to move while working a few projects has been tough, but it’s all worth it, right? Right?

I am sad that I am leaving my home of the last 10 years. I’ve made some wonderful friends for life, especially my family at Kingwood Area Democrats. Working campaigns in Kingwood and the area has given me some amazing experience at taking on the true red menace (Republicans). I’ve had the privilege of helping good, progressive Democrats like Charles Hixon for Commissioner, Joe Montemayor and Charlotte Coffelt for HD127, Wil Williams for City Council, and Gary Binderim for Congress, candidates who trusted me with message and ideas and allowed me to learn from mistakes and how to be bold when taking on Republicans. Some outside of the ‘burbs may have thought of these campaigns as futile, but we thought about them as very necessary. Funny how things change, though:  Ted Poe now represents some of those who thought of my campaigns as futile. Just sayin’…

SW Houston does have plenty of opportunities that I look forward to working, especially with good people like Mike Espinoza, Fidencio Leija and his team, and others. And I know that Greg Wythe, the most Latino non-Latino on the planet, is ready to welcome me with open arms, although I’m sure he doesn’t believe I’ve actually moved to his barrio. Maybe he’ll move up to Kingwood? Nah! It’s not Latino enough with me gone, right?

As far as is concerned, it’s going to get better! I’ve been planning a few changes, but the move got in the way of launching anything. So, now the work begins on the DC. Thankfully, I’ll be in the city limits, making it easier to attend all sorts of events and happenings. So, if you see me in the city, make sure you welcome me!

Oh well, I guess I won’t get to hear those words uttered whenever I attend an event in Houston:  “Thanks for coming all the way from Kingwood.” It really never was THAT far.

Stay connected!

Happy Birthday, Cesar!

Saturday would have been Cesar E. Chavez’s 85th Birthday. What would he be thinking today? As we try to re-elect Barack Obama, yet we experience Trayvon Martin’s murder for all the reasons Obama is hated by the right, he’d probably say we have a lot more work to do. And so, we shall work.

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