Thoughts on Viernes…04202012

Why All the Fuss?

One line that caught my attention about City Council’s boo-hooing regarding the Hobby proposal was that they hadn’t been told in advance. Well, before the boo-hooing, I was told that the idea of Hobby becoming a second international airport for Houston was actually written into the Airport master plan back in 2002 (or ’03), so, a new idea it is not. I like the idea, though.

Latino Dems Hope to Re-Intro DREAM Act

And that’s the original DREAM Act, and not the nightmarish, no-citizenship-for-you!, version that Marco Rubio has been talking about.

Let’s face it, with a right-wing, anti-immigrant Republican majority in the House, DREAM faces an uphill battle. On the Senate side, reaching 60 votes would likewise be a challenge. Submitting the act for consideration, as the article states, will provide a forum for discussion right before the big election, though. And we all know how the Republicans like to discuss anything having to do with Latinos. They’ll either be completely against it, or they’ll start talking about the worth of a DREAMer–good enough to take a bullet, not good enough to earn citizenship.

Still, Cal Jillson’s comments ring true, and that is something Democrats and President Obama will surely face, but what is the alternative? And what about the chances of CIR? Of course, this is something DosCentavos has been saying since the “first year of the first term” came to an end.

Are You Going to Convention?

I’ll be working on some family activities this weekend, so I will not get to participate in my new SD convention. I will be attending the State Convention, but only as a blogger and observer…and attendee of any hospitality suites.

If you do go, have fun!

My 420 Funny

Back during my college days, about a few years into it, I was hanging out with a buddy of mine who enjoyed that wacky weed. Trying to stay “clean” in case I grew up to be an anti-drug D.A., he thought differently than I did about the wacky weed and he asked me a question that made sense:  “How can you fight against something if you don’t know what it’s like?”

So much for that.

MUSIC BREAK:  Los Texmaniacs f/ Max Baca, Michael Guerra, Speedy Villanueva, and Chente Barrera

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