What Was Calderon Doing Here?

Well, we know exactly why he was here. To make sure our 1% and his 1% stay the 1%.

Mexican President Felipe Calderón, in Houston on Wednesday as part of his U.S. visit, emphasized the importance of the trade relationship between Mexico and Texas, saying 35 percent of Texas exports, representing more than $86 billion, went to Mexico in 2011.

Meeting with more than 160 business leaders from the Greater Houston Partnership, Calderón stressed the significance of that relationship to Mexico’s growing economy. Mexico is Houston’s largest trading partner, with the two exchanging $31.4 billion in imports and exports annually. Mexico is the largest U.S. export market after Canada, and in 2011, U.S. exports to Mexico grew by $34 billion.

I would hope that these business leaders, or at the very least, our key-to-the-city wielding Mayor Parker questioned the economic impact of all of the trade agreements on Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Mexico is still fraught with poverty and 600,000 jobs, as mentioned by Calderon, is hardly a drop in the bucket to improve Mexico. According to the CIA Factbook, 18.2% of Mexican citizens live in poverty if we go by the food-based definition. But if we go by the asset-based definition (in other words, wealth), we’re talking about almost half of Mexican citizens. Other studies are comparable, with the number of those in poverty being at around 50,000,000–which shows how “drop in the bucket” those 600,000 jobs Calderon mentioned really are. So, someone is getting rich and the people of Mexico aren’t seeing much improvement.

Since it wasn’t reported, I would like to know if the Mayor, council members present, or the so-called business leaders who charge $100+ to see the guy speak ever questioned Calderon about this. Otherwise, this all about our 1% helping their 1% continue their shopping excursions to our Galleria with dinner at the Palm or Morton’s afterward.

And the rest of the people? Well, either they’ll stay and suffer, or they will come on over to be exploited by the 1%. And that’s a whole other discussion.

2 responses to “What Was Calderon Doing Here?

  1. Exploiting cheap labor — and large pools of it — is as close to free as free trade gets. I’ll keep saying it until she comes out about it: our mayor is a Republican.

  2. Thanks for this Stace.