DC Inbox: Ann Harris Bennett Pledges to Restore Faith in VR Process

All I can say is that I’ll be voting for Ann Harris Bennett for Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar in November. And you should, too. This should be a no-brainer if you really want to protect Democracy in Harris County.

Here’s a statement from Bennett as the County finally releases voter registration certificates:

(Houston) This Monday, April 30th is the deadline to register to vote for the May 29th Texas party primaries, which are expected to have particularly low turnout.

Media reports since at least 2008 have consistently covered controversies within the Harris County Voter Registration Office including reports of improper rejections of voter registration applications, a senior staffer moonlighting as a Republican consultant, and a joint press conference with the Republican group known as the King Street Patriots made national news in 2010 after voter intimidation reports associated with their “poll watcher” program.

Further complicating this year’s voter registration process, are the discriminatory redistricting proposals put forth by Republican legislators led to a drawn-out legal battle which threw our entire election process into disarray.

“The continuous reports of problems with our voter rolls are unacceptable,” said Ann Harris Bennett, candidate for Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar. “These controversies are particularly atrocious at a time when so many voters are looking to express their outrage over cuts to public education and women’s health programs.”

Ann Harris Bennett is a plaintiff in the ongoing lawsuit against the King Street Patriots, who are holding a National Summit in Houston this weekend.

“Harris County seems to have been the testing ground for vote suppression tactics used against minorities and that cannot continue. Restoring faith in the integrity of the voter registration process will be a priority of my campaign and my administration when elected,”concluded Harris Bennett.

Ann Harris Bennett is unopposed in the May 29th Democratic Primary for the position of Harris County Tax Assessor Collector & Voter Registrar.

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