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Big Weekend

Congrats to all those who will be walking across the stage to receive that piece of paper that says, “This isn’t your actual diploma, but if we find you’ve paid all your bills, then you’ll get it later. This is all for show–get over it.”  A big congrats to my friend, the soon-to-be-declared by Rice U., Dr. Blake Ellis on this crowning academic achievement.

ACLU Calls for a Migra Probe

Thank you, ACLU! For the longest time there have been complaints about the Border Patrol along the Texas Border, but it seems to have escalated during these years of stepped up enforcement. And the ACLU wants these allegations of harrassment and abuse by the Migra investigated. We’re not just talking about the unneeded “routine” and annoying stops, we’re talking some serious stuff.

In Brownsville, at least four people with legitimate travel status complained of being detained at length, threatened, and in some cases intimidated into “confessing” – falsely – that they or family members were not citizens.

Allegations in the El Paso-New Mexico area include a traumatizing interrogation and pat-down of a woman who had traveled from Chihuahua, Mexico, to speak with investigators about an alleged sexual assault by a CBP officer. The woman was so shaken by her treatment at the Ysleta-Zaragoza port of entry, she said, that she dropped the case.

Border crossers in California and Arizona reported being subjected to obscenities, racial slurs and physical abuse that required medical treatment.

The complainants told of hours-long detention, in some cases while being handcuffed without food, water or the opportunity to use the restroom. They said they were eventually told they could be on their way.

DHS has little to no oversight of their own, which is surprising considering their own reports on Secure Communities and 287(g) tell us they are failed programs–numbers-wise. I guess they don’t want to really self-report on allegations of abuse, but just about the waste?

NDLON Hopes Obama Evolves on Immigration, Too

President Obama hasn’t hidden the fact that he is for comprehensive immigration reform or even the DREAM Act. But he has been in charge during this time of stepped-up enforcement which has led to waste (287 g) and abuse (DHS), yet has separated families and impacted our local economies. So, yeah, I sure hope he “evolves” in his enforcement position because CIR/DREAM is also a civil and human rights issue. But unlike his evolution toward supporting marriage equality, he needs to evolve toward changing actual policy in this regard.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that President Obama doesn’t want the states making policy for immigration, but doesn’t mind the states discriminating against marriage equality. But that’s for another post.

And on that note, have a good weekend! Stay dry. Go Blockwalk in between rainstorms, and make phone calls while inside from the rain.

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