Thoughts on Viernes…05182012

DREAM Activists Hold Rally at UHD

Over 150 activists ascended upon the University of Houston-Downtown on Thursday to demand the passing of the DREAM Act. Supported by UHD President William Flores and elected officials, such as State Rep. Armando Walle, and other community activists, the rally included comments by prospective beneficiaries of the Act.

Kudos to our friends at FIEL for organizing the rally and sending a strong message, especially as we go through the motions of early voting.

What Is Up With El Prez?

Just as I was getting excited over the action by FIEL and other activists on Thursday, word came that President Obama has nominated Gary Blankinship to serve as Marshal for the Southern District of Texas. Blankinship was the head of the local cops union who was quite vocal against Mayor Bill White’s position against cops becoming immigration officers. To see a bunch of Dems supporting this appointment is very disappointing, to say the least.

Tacos & Votes – Saturday!

Don’t forget about Tacos and Votes this Saturday at Noon at Bayland Park. We can complain about public policy and political appointments, but if you don’t vote, not only do you not matter, but you lose your license to complain. Everybody’s a taxpayer, but when a few decide who our leaders should be, you get lost in the shuffle. VOTE, and get a Taco while you’re at it.

Chicanos for Cargas

After reading the “e-mail war” between supporters of James Cargas and his opponent, I figured I would chime in. I’ve known Jim for over eight years–good organizer, loyal Democrat, and sharp as a tack on Democratic issues and policy. You would think that, in Houston, most Dems would be, right? But let me tell you when I figured out that Jim was the best candidate.

When a debate ensued regarding an HCDP resolution to support comprehensive immigration reform and not local cops enforcing immigration, it was James Cargas who responded in support, smacking down a local Dem celebrity who had railed against it as unnecessary. It was eloquent, it was practical, and it made sense. None of the other candidates have been anything near coherent on the issue of immigration. Knowing that Culberson will make Latinos and immigration an issue to rile up his right-wing base, it is really a no-brainer to have James Cargas on the November ballot as a true counter to the wing-nut on the ballot–on all issues, especially immigration reform.

Without reservation, The Medellin Family supports James Cargas.

Full Disclosure:  Jim hired me to consult and manage him for a couple of months, and not at some astronomical consulting fee. He paid me because a big chunk of my life was invested in someone in whom I believe. Ultimately, he got the Familia discount. As far as my Dem creds, I haven’t missed a Dem Primary-ever! I’m a Chicano (South Texas variety with an unapologetic La Raza Unida Party streak). Not that any of this should matter. I’ll give more reasons for supporting James Cargas next week.

In closing…VOTE!

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