Thoughts on Viernes…05252012

Houston Latinos on TV?

I’ve always said that Latinos must be the storytellers of our history. Too often, we want to rely on mainstream media to give us two minutes of their own interpretation and then we complain when they fall way too short. Well, when I heard a friend of mine was working on a TV show, I got excited. Last night, in front of a live audience at Paco Joe’s on the Gulf Freeway, auditions were held for a co-host of this new show and, let me tell you, Houston has some talent. The auditions continue next Thursday evening at Paco Joe’s, so come on out and support the creation of this new show. More details soon.

It was great meeting some of the VIP Judges who participated in the auditions, including the guys from ESPN Deportes and one of the founders of the local GLBT LULAC and all-around awesome guy Edward Sanchez. A new friend made was Chelsea Coffey, a local image consultant, fellow blogger, and the Executive Director of Mia’s Closet.

Mia’s Closet provides new and gently used clothing to Houston area girls in dire need of clothing, emotional support, and constructive planning for the future. Our events are designed to give them a boost in self-esteem and an opportunity to think about their personal futures via Mia’s Closet Boutique Shopping Days.

Last Day of Early Voting…Make it Count!

Today is the last day of early voting. It’s been a quiet Democratic Primary for lots of reasons, especially the fact that our usual early March vote turned into a later May vote (with a run-off in July). So, find an early voting location–any early voting location–and cast your vote TODAY.

And if you need help choosing a candidate, check out my slate.

Dewhurst and Cruz – Anti-Immigrant Zealots, Both of ’em!

Looks like Cruz started it with his my dad is an immigrant so “I hate non-Cuban immigrants” ad, and now Dewhurst is pegging him as supporting “amnesty.” Nothing new, right? Hate is hate and it mostly comes from the Republican Party.

The GOP might have a shot a some Latino votes if they just kept the anti-Latino vitriol out. But if they want to rile up their basest base voters, then, it’s a must to hate on Latinos. Oh, well, right?

The Dome

When you have a beautiful stadium and facilities like Reliant and an old relic of the past right next door, it just doesn’t seem to match. At some point the Dome was an architectural marvel–the 8th wonder and all that.  But the question about raising taxes to spend 1/2 a billion dollars to make the dome “livable” for no one in particular needs to be answered with another question:  Do we need it?

I like the idea of the plaza, frankly.

Public Comment for Family Unity

Reform Immigration For America is asking for public comment on a proposal by the Obama Administration.

This rule change could prevent parents from missing a decade of their children’s lives, and spouses from facing years without the support of their partners. Now, we need your help to move this proposal forward.

Leave a public comment now to support the change in the rules that would help keep families together.

In order for this change to go into effect, we need major public support from activists like you, standing up for families separated by the 3 and 10-year bars. We will deliver your messages of support for the change to Alejandro Mayorkas, Director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Taking a few minutes to write your comment today could make a difference for thousands of families.

Enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend. Remember the fallen and appreciate the rights we have–even when some try to limit them.


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