Keryl Douglas’ Divide and Conquer Strategy

It angered folks when Manuel Rodriguez tried it, and Democrats all over the county have had the same reaction to Keryl Douglas’ disingenuous flyer. In what is not only a personal attack on HCDP Chair Lane Lewis, but an affront to the GLBT community and all other communities who fight for civil rights, Keryl Douglas has definitely hit a new low.

Douglas shows her hypocrisy in the flyer when she states she “worked across ALL communities,” but chooses to attack one in particular. Well, I’ll repeat an oft-stated civil rights mantra:  When one of us is attacked, we are all attacked. So, we must not only rise in defense of the GLBT community, we must ensure our Harris County Democratic Party is led by someone who doesn’t talk it (or puts it on a flyer), but walks it, and that’s Lane Lewis.

What is scarier than losing in November to right-wing Republicans is having a Party led by someone who would attempt to divide Democrats from within. Early voting is done, but Tuesday is Democratic Primary Day. VOTE!

Or, if Keryl Douglas doesn’t “get it,” I agree with Kuff.

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