Thoughts on Viernes…06012012

Birthday Week!

That’s right, #41 I will celebrate for a week, instead of just one day. Why? Why the hell not?

Today, if you want an option, instead of getting me a gift next week, you can make a contribution to my friend Jamaal Smith for HD-137 since today is his birthday. Then, Saturday, I will be at the Accordion Kings and Queens Festival at Miller Outdoor Theatre where they will feature one of my fave groups, Los Texmaniacs. Next Wednesday, and another gift option for you, I’ll celebrate my b-day by supporting Cindy Vara-Leija at her fundraiser. Give her my gift!

Then, next Thursday, come on over and support my friend  Julia Maldonado, candidate for 14th Court of Appeals as the TDP convention gets kicked-off. Yes, another option in which I will forgo your b-day gift to ensure Julia has some gas money to travel all 10 counties and get out the vote.

And speaking of the TDP Convention, will be out in full-force, so expect some interviews, live-blogging, photos, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It will be an exciting time to pump some energy in to 2012.

Short Thoughts…

With the busy weekend, that’s my only thought of the day. Sure, there are some things that have shown up on e-mail or a blog here and there that I’d love to comment on, especially for CD-7, but I’ll let the campaigns fight it out. I know who’s getting my vote in this one.

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