When All Else Fails, Compare the Platforms

Whenever I get into a debate with a Republican–a sensible, meaningful one–I usually find out that they are clueless as to how the party they favor actually feels about certain issues. Usually, they’ll go by some touchy-feely response or quote made by one of their candidates to determine the “party line.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, although the vast majority of Republicans live by their platform, we do have a few errant Democrats who feel the need to venture away from certain planks, especially on immigration. Take, for example, the guy that just replaced the former Arizona Congresswoman. Both were among the most anti-immigrant Democrats–right up there with the doofus from North Carolina that used to be a quarterback.

Still, what the Party faithful determine as their planks are usually what keeps me in my Party. And being the honest guy that I am, I’ll point to “our own” who fail to meet those principles. Still, unless you carry a copy of the platforms with you, the only way you can pick a party is if some candidate has a macaca moment that defines the other side. So, here’s a breakdown from the Texas Democratic Party that will make it easier.

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