Thoughts on Viernes…06292012

The Tejano Monument at the Texas Capitol

Vacation Over…

Well, not much of a vacation, but still, Austin was good to me and I had an enjoyable week.

Austin Districting

The people of Austin mean it when they say they want single member districts. They showed up at City Council yesterday with boxes filled with 30,000 signatures requesting that their 10-1 districting plan be on the November ballot. Unfortunately, the powers that are anointed are pushing an 8-2-1 deal. According to some, this plan would allow the anointers to anoint whom they want, plus keep a majority on the Council. So much for “Democratic” and “democratic”; or even progressive and liberal, right? After all the debate, as many as three referendum items on districting might end up on the ballot.

Y la gente? What about the people’s voice? Anyway, DC and Somos Tejanos will continue to follow this story.

Latinos for Erica Lee

Well, although I helped with some of the organizing behind the event, I was not able to attend–this one. But word is that it was a success. Kudos to Fidencio and Dr. Rey for putting together a great cause. I know there is more to come from these guys, and I’m looking forward to supporting their efforts.

El Pedo Atorado

A thought came to mind and one of my sisters asked it as she watched Romney’s response to the ACA decision:  “Why does Mitt look like he has a pedo atorado?” Translated:  A stuck fart. While Obama was relaxed at the podium, Mitt Romney made the Capitol background look like a tenement with the scowl he was making.

Anyway, I think my response should have been: He always looks like he has a pedo atorado.

OK folks, some window shopping at the San Marcos Outlets and then I hit the road back to the HQ. Have a good weekend. Austin–it was real, it was weird, a few glitches along the way, but otherwise, it was nice.

Update:  Houston Event ~ A Pardon for Ramsey

Irma Muniz , wife of Ramsey Muniz, Chicano Civil Rights Leader of the 60’s who ran for Governor of Texas in the 70’s under La Raza Unida Party needs your HELP.On Saturday, June 30, 2012, from 10am-12 noon, Ms. Muniz and other Community Leaders will speak at the :

Tejano Center for Community Concerns (Auditorium)
2950 Broadway, Houston, Tx. 77584

Meet Mrs. Irma Muniz and Dr. Raul Garcia, Lamar University

Hear the Stories of this Civil Rights Leader who was part of the Chicano Movement of the 60’s, Ran for Governor in Texas under the Raza Unida Party; How he was arrested and convicted; and the Need to Sign a Petition for His Pardon by the US President… Testimonials from Past Civil Rights Leaders who started MAYO, Raza Unida… Food & drinks served at noon… free admission..

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