DC Reviews ~ The Mavericks: Suited Up and Ready..EP

The Mavericks have reunited and are back with the release of an EP, Suited Up and Ready… on Valory Music. Raul Malo, Eddie Perez and the rest of the group are definitely ready for the road with this newest release of five tunes.

The Mavericks’ sound is stronger than ever, especially with the addition of Michael Guerra’s accordion. Some might remember Michael from the recent Raul Malo tours. The rest of the band is still as tight as ever, and anyone who seeks them out on YouTube will find these tunes played live to their perfection. Still, you need to purchase these tunes!

The EP opens up with Back in Your Arms Again, with that country/rockabilly/Latin big band fusion sound that could never be described as country music. It’s a grand combination of musical instruments and vocals that lets us know it will be a good production, and the lyrics are just plain sweet.

The single getting a lot of play is Born To Be Blue, an ode to the girl who makes us feel, well, blue. Eddie Perez serenades us with the required guitar solo and some beautiful riffs that only he can deliver. And the CMT video is located here, so, check it out.

Come Unto me, with its haunting guitar intro/riff and its Latin-flavored rhythm, gets to be my favorite on the EP–at least for this moment of the day. A message that reassures a partner that there may be others out there, but none like the message deliverer. (Been there, right?) A Michael Guerra solo gives this tune some extra sabor!

The EP closes with Amsterdam Moon, a slower, yet Latin-flavored tune; and That’s Not My Name, a slow swing for the guy who feels like a loser in the game of love.

Looking at their tour dates, The Mavericks have not added any Texas dates, which really are needed. Given this production, it seems like the energy is there for some memorable live shows. In a recent interview on River Front Times, Raul Malo gave a great answer as to why the reunion.

Honestly, it’s just a number of things that gathered strength recently. One thing led to another, and before you know it we were all roped in. I honestly never thought this would happen. I thought, if we come back I want it to be right, if we can play the shows we want and make a record with a label that will support us. And then all these things were a reality. I’m excited. We get to do it right, we get to do it our way. That’s the most exciting part.

And we’re excited in Texas, too, Raul. Get over here!

Here’s a sample of one of the tunes:

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