Helena Is Doing What? And With Whom?

It just hasn’t been a good two days for CM Helena Brown from District A, huh? First, it seems she has changed some of her employees’ timecards to keep with her little notion of only having part-time workers. A much lengthier expose’ is one from the Houston Press in which they talk about some mysterious guy who is calling her shots.

Whatever the expose’, the bottom line is that she is just not a good representative for District A, regardless of whomever is texting her what to say at Council meetings. But from all the activity in social media sites, it seems like folks will attempt to crucify her. Bottom line:  Unless we educate folks in District A–beyond the Teapers who enjoy some of Brown’s bigoted ideas (and those of her shot-caller)–not much will happen. I mean, c’mon, who could replace Brown if it isn’t some other right-wing candidate who is just a kinder, gentler Helena Brown?

2013 presents itself as an opportunity to find a candidate to challenge the incumbent and who can capture hearts and minds of those who aren’t represented by the incumbent. But that just takes a lot of work. Rather than play “wait and see” on any coming indictment or any other expose’ on the mysterious Dale Gribble-looking guy, it is a time for action. And District A is there for the taking if folks are willing to do the work.

Anyway, I’m not very hopeful of any indictment since just about anyone can play dumb in something like this. As far as Brown’s shot-caller, I’m thinking that will continue. So, let’s think ahead and create something that is action-oriented.

4 responses to “Helena Is Doing What? And With Whom?

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  3. I have said it before, when you sleep with teabaggers wake up with a bad taste in your mouth. Enjoy your morning breath District A. Next time think before you vote.

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