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Spaghetti With Cindy Vara-Leija

We have a well-qualified, highly experienced candidate for Constable, Pct 1 in Cindy Vara-Leija, no doubt. Pct. 1 deserves a Constable who is ready to hit the ground the running and is ready to serve constituents from Day 1. And that’s Cindy Vara-Leija.

We all have another chance to help Cindy Vara-Leija get a little closer to victory on Saturday, July 7 from 11am to 3pm at a Spaghetti Fundraiser being held in her honor at La Gala at 1600 Aldine Bender. At $10 a plate, you’ll get good food, but you will also be helping Pct. 1 get the best candidate for Constable elected. So, give Cindy Vara-Leija your support!

Jamaal Smith Takes on For-Profit Colleges

As part of Kuff’s ongoing guest posters, Jamaal Smith, candidate for State Representative District 137, takes on the proliferation of for-profit colleges and career schools in SW Houston. And yes, there are a bunch of them. For many in SW Houston, these brick-n-mortar schools are a source of hope (and a little financial aid) that turn into a nightmare. So, they must be watched. But as Smith mentions, access to quality public higher education must become more of a priority, which he vows to begin work on once elected.

Now, I’ve had the public university experience and the experience of a for-profit completely online graduate program. At the same time, I was a proactive consumer who sought out a program in which I could gain the most, without going too deeply into debt. With most of these brick-n-mortar places, the experience of having a salesman hovering over you and shoving papers in front of your face to sign should give anyone reason to suspect something bad.

Anyway, it’s a good read from my favorite candidate for HD-137.

Lots of LEUV Coming Your Way

Looks like a new voter engagement group is cropping up and they are ready to launch at their first forum and fundraiser on July 11. I’ll have some more in-depth stuff on Latinos. Engaged. Voting. United. next week, including some interviews with organizers and supporters. Stay connected with them  on Facebook and the Tweeter.

MAS MUSICA:  The Mavericks – Born To Be Blue


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