Kuff Still Has Guests

Well, I thought I saw a couple more cool people on OffTheKuff, so, make sure you give them a read:

First, there’s an excellent post from someone I consider an “hermanita,” Christina Gorczynski from the League of Women Voters Houston on engaging youth voters and how one can get involved.

If you want to engage young people, the first step is meeting them where they are. Volunteer for a youth-based organization. Step out of the political field to coach youth sports, participate in a mentoring program, judge a high school debate contest, sponsor a scout troop or teach a class at your place of worship. Invite them to make civic life part of their life. Better yet, come volunteer for the League of Women Voters to visit high schools with me.

Check out the rest of the post for links to really cool informational stuff.

The next post is from a sometimes-3rd Centavo contributor, Dr. Rey Guerra. A post on where Latinos have been and were Latinos might be going, Guerra hits on some positive local points, as well as some of the stuff Latinos have been pushing back on. His closing hits it on the head, though.

It’s been said that the Latino community in Houston today has more energy and more momentum than it’s had in over 30 years; since the days of Ben Reyes, Leonel Castillo, and the murder of Joe Campos Torres.

What’s been most impressive to me is that energy and momentum exhibited by today’s Latino community isn’t necessarily in coalescing around a candidate or a specific issue. It seems to be happening organically, out of a sense that is at times anger, at times hope, and at other times a need for simple fairness.

Lately, Rey and I have been disagreeing on some candidate choices, and then with others we are hard-core supporters. So, I’ll give a little mention to someone he doesn’t mention in his post, HD-137 candidate Jamaal Smith, who is in a run-off at the moment. Jamaal has a strong record of working with the Latino community, especially with his experience working for the late Joe Moreno in pushing positive legislation. During his work with the Democratic Party, he was always calling on Latino leaders for advice, and was spot-on whenever he advocated on issues impacting Latinos. So, I’m voting for the responsive and experienced Jamaal Smith.

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