$410 Million Bond Proposed for Houston

Mayor Annise Parker, today, proposed a $410 million bond package that, if supported by Council, will be on the November ballot. Voters may get to vote on five different measures:

The bond package also includes:

$144 million for public safety needs, including:

  • Improvements at neighborhood police stations citywide
  • Expansion of Fire Station 55, City Council District D
  • New fire station to serve Pine Brook area, City Council District E
  • Expansion of Fire Station 22, City Council District I
  • Fire station maintenance/improvements citywide
  • Facility security improvements

$63 million for health, sanitation/recycling, and general government improvements at city facilities not included in the other categories:

  • Renovation of the Westpark recycling facility, City Council District J
  • Renovation of the Central Depository, City Council District I
  • Possible repair of Sunnywide Multi-Service Center, City Council District D
  • Repairs to City Hall and City Hall Annex
  • Environmental Remediation

$15 million for affordable housing.

  • These dollars will be used for demolition of blighted properties to make way for new affordable housing.

$28 million for libraries, including:

  • Renovation of the Montrose Library, City Council District D
  • Replacement of the Moody Library, City Council District H
  • Replacement of the Meyer Library, City Council District K
  • Renovation of Robinson-Westchase Library, City Council District F

$160 million for parks, including the Bayou Greenways Project and:

  • Improvements at Haden, Busby Park, Judson Robinson Sr., Jaycee, Wright, Bembry,
  • Hermann, Alief, Nieto, Squatty Lyons, Gragg, Braeburn, Glen and Wildheather parks
  • Pavilion replacements
  • Swimming pool upgrades and replacements
  • Ball field lighting upgrades
  • Trail replacement and overlays
  • Bayou Greenways Project

According to the Mayor, this is one of the smallest bond packages proposed and will not require a tax increase. Let’s keep an eye on this as things develop.

Update:  According to a report from Chris Moran of the Chron, $116 million of the bond is not yet earmarked and is up from grabs from the various Council districts. Council must vote on what measures appear on the November ballot by August 20.

Update:  Looks like the campaign to pass the City bond has begun.

The Vote for Houston’s Future Committee is co-chaired by Philamena Baird, Pam Gardner, Melinda B. Hildebrand, City Councilmember Melissa Noriega and Barron and Lisa Wallace. Finance chairs are Robert Collie, Jr., Jason Few and Neil Thomas. Dean Corgey is the campaign treasurer and Billy Briscoe is the campaign manager.

Houston ISD is in the process of debating a bond package which may also appear on the November ballot. HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche will be speaking on Thursday, July 12 at 7PM at the Tejano Democrats meeting at the Harris County Democratic Party HQ (1445 North Loop West).

3 responses to “$410 Million Bond Proposed for Houston

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  2. $116 million up for grabs, now is the chance to lobby for improvements to Dixon Library, as mentioned to me by @Brownboyrocks on the tweeter…and other stuff for council districts.

    Cuts, firings, and pension reneg-ings, I mean, re-negotiations come from the annual budget; although debt service plays a role in the extra expense of those bonds, so, you’re right.

    So, a tax increase, then?

  3. But, what is getting cut? Who’s getting fired? And, who’s pensions are being “renegotiated”?