GOP Quest to Find Non-Existent Voter Fraud Continues

Looks like Texas is now part of a growing number of states seeking access to a Department of Homeland Security database for the express purpose of purging undocumented people from the voter rolls.

Of course, since there has not been a rash of in-person voter fraud in Texas elections, one wonders if this is just for show. Worse, is this is an attempt to “accidentally” purge any names that match actual citizens on the voter rolls?

It had to be asked.

I don’t think there is anyone out there that supports undocumented people voting, but providing a tool such as this to Republican-led governments whose express intent has been to minimize Latino voting power with Voter ID legislation, organized voter intimidation groups, and purging of voter rolls without much evidence of anything, well, it seems like our democracy is in danger.

This is definitely something on which to keep an eye; especially on the implementation and operations side. And the DOJ should keep a close watch on how these government entities are using these databases, and perhaps, even double-check those voter roll purges.

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