DC Run-Off Endorsement: CD-7 – James Cargas

After a decade of living in Kingwood, and most of that under the bad representation of Ted Poe, I decided I needed more of a challenge. Now, I’m in SW Houston under the even worse representation of Tea Party John Culberson. Bottom line:  District 7 needs a Congress Member who will serve the entire district, and not someone who talks big and delivers nothing for the District. So, when my friend of almost a decade, James Cargas, informed me he was going to run, let me tell you, anyone else in the running immediately fell off the radar. Jim was going to be my candidate, without reservation.

The Houston Chronicle recently endorsed James Cargas, and they had this to say:

Currently working for Houston’s city attorney, Cargas has an extensive background in oil and gas, from the private sector to the Clinton White House. And his experience as a congressional press secretary provides important background on navigating Congress. In fact, it is that experience that drove Cargas to run, hoping to provide a voice of common-sense collegiality to a system now seemingly dominated by tea party extremism.

This self-proclaimed energy lawyer for the energy corridor refuses to get bogged down in partisan wedge issues, but instead emphasizes Houston’s position as a national leader in the medical and energy industries.

In the midst of our natural gas boom, this founding member of the Oil Patch Democrats could be a strong voice for the Houston economy, showing that the oil and gas industry isn’t merely a Republican institution, but a broad and important economic driver that deserves attention from the entire political spectrum.

Some may call him a “moderate,” but in a place like District 7, I would call James Cargas practical. He has some strong positions on what Republicans have made wedge issues to divide us in the Democratic Party, as well as strong and practical positions on every other issue Democrats support. Call him what you want, but he is the exact opposite of John Culberson and then some, and has the ability to not only deliver a message, but the ability to make that message stick with non-Democratic voters.

As someone with family members who have made a nice living in the oil and gas industry, as well as family members and friends who are making a living off of the fracking boom in South Texas, I would much prefer an oil and gas professional like James Cargas who believes in responsible energy exploration and the development of renewable resources serving us in Congress.

And when it comes to the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, it is James Cargas who has come out way ahead of the competition with a sensible and humane approach, rather than the usual “moderate” who would throw the immigrant community under the bus for a vote.

Ultimately, District 7 voters must decide if we want a Democratic challenger who will bring this race some attention and needed discussion among all of the voters of District 7. And ultimately, we must decide if we need a Democratic challenger who will bring the people of District 7 together. The choice for me is obvious…Jim Cargas.

But if you won’t take my word for it, take it from some people I’ve had the privilege of knowing, and even working with on some of the most crucial Democratic causes. Leaders, such as Jessica Farrar, Juliet Stipeche, Debra Kerner, Jim Henley, among others who have made a difference for Harris County, and especially within our Democratic Party. Most of all, these are folks for which most of us Democrats have fought.

My good friend, Former Commissioner Sylvia Garcia had this to say:

I don’t need to remind you that Republicans and their Tea Party allies vote time and again against your best interests as women and are proud of it.  They vote against women making our own choices about our own bodies, vote against public education, vote against equal pay, vote against protecting Social Security, and vote against protecting Medicare.   James has stood up for women and will continue to stand up for women in the United States Congress, for us to control our own bodies, for education, for equal pay, and against the Ryan Budget’s cuts to Social Security and Medicare.  James stands with us.

Finally, as a staunch Democrat who hasn’t missed a Democratic Primary in all of my voting life, I believe in James Cargas. It’s just that simple. And our November ballot is strongest when we have the strongest candidates at the top of the ballot. James is one of those candidates that would help propel the rest of the ballot to Victory in November, but he needs our vote.

And while James is a great candidate, what makes him strongest is his partner on the campaign and in life, his wife, Dr. Dorina Papageorgieu. Dorina has been a great messenger for the campaign and for all things in which we Democrats believe. Much like James, she not about talk, she is about delivering, as is exhibited in her community volunteerism. Together, they will make a great team for District 7.

I’m proud to be among a great list of Democratic leaders who support  James Cargas. I’m even prouder to be a part of a Democratic family who will vote for James Cargas. In fact, my momma, Flora Medellin, already mailed in her ballot in support of James, and that’s probably the biggest endorsement James can get, in my book.

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