SoTe: Do Political Consultants Love America?

My camarada Amaury at Somos Tejanos provides this great write-up on the latest ad wars and political messaging. It’s gotten pretty nasty during the Run-off, whether you watch it on TV, read a direct mail piece, or even open an up an e-mail. Some call it, “just politics,” but is there something better?

Early voting started on Monday and ends Friday, a reminder to voters there are candidates fighting for their spot on the ballot in the November elections. Voters who participated in the May 29, 2012 Primary Elections must vote in the same party’s run-off election in which they voted in May. Voters who did not cast a ballot in the Primary Elections may vote in either party’s run-off election.

I wanted to take the time to ask you if you were going to vote. I have recently had several conversations in the past couple months on whether or not it’s even worth voting in a political landscape that can be described as election season demagoguery. Lately, campaigns have gone down a rotten path — so much that civil discourse has been thrown out the window.

That’s just the teaser. Read the rest at Somos Tejanos.

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