DC Reviews: Ram Herrera ~ En El Amor

Tejano crooner Ram Herrera returns with a new production, En El Amor. A product of AMMX Records, owned by Gary Hobbs, En El Amor highlights Herrera’s unique voice while changing up the musical sound a bit. Still, it is an excellent 10-song production by “The Outlaw.”

Herrera’s career spans decades, having fronted David Lee Garza y Los Musicales before going on to a highly successful solo career. The singer of “Rosas Para Una Rosa” and “Amor Querido,” still has the chops and it comes out in this newest production.

A mix of rancheras, cumbias, and ballads, the production starts off strong with Como Olvidarme de Ti, and ode to the end of a relationship. And from then on, it just gets better. Te Entrego Lo Mejor is another ranchera that will keep you toe-tapping. Que Sepan Todos, with its sax solo, reminds one of Herrera’s early days with Montana Band; while Fallaste Corazon will show Ram-fans that he is has stayed true to his style. Herrera adds an acordeon-heavy tune with El Mas Feliz, which is a great dance floor tune.

Herrera’s voice is great for ballads, and he doesn’t miss with A Donde Vas. The other ballad on the production, though, is the closer, Didn’t Anybody Tell Him, which is somber one about the worst that can happen during drunk-driving.

Herrera and his band are known for some smooth cumbias, and the first one out of the gate is the title track, with some great lyrics. Si Tuviera Tu Amor and Si Te Quedas o Te Vas keep the beat going.

All-in-all, it’s a strong production; although the slight change in sound forced me to give it a few runs on the MP3 player before I fully appreciated it. Perhaps I prefer some harder drumming, but ultimately, Herrera delivers what his fans want–his powerful voice.

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