HCDE Will Be Decided As Is

A federal judge has ruled that the election for Harris County Department of Education School Trustee (Pos. 6) will continue as planned. I’m not really surprised.

The Harris County Department of Education had sued to do away with the election and have a “re-do” which would basically take the political party process out of the election. Worse, if multiple candidates would be in the running, such an election would have diluted a particular political party’s voice. Beyond this, I figured HCDE lacked standing.

Still, this election left out a lot of voters in round 1. Bottom line:  Voters’ rights were indeed violated by Harris County. But after all of the expense and effort by candidates, anyone could argue that perhaps they should just move on and allow the results to stand and the race be decided in the run-off. Either reality is not good, but I guess it is what it is.

I won’t bother debating any of this at this point since there’s a run-off on Tuesday and Democrats in Precinct 1 will decide between Erica S. Lee and her opponent.

I’m rooting for Erica, of course. She’s just that good.

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