Houston, We Have A Run-Off!

Today is the Democratic Primary Run-Off Election Day! Polls are open until 7PM. Find your location on the HoustonVotes.com site.

As of Friday’s early voting tally, less than 20,000 Dems had voted around the County, including over 7,000 returned ballots-by-mail. I won’t bother with any predictions, but I know the campaigns are pulling out all the stops to get their voters out.


The secret is out! I voted for Jamaal Smith for HD-137 and I’ve supported him since he told me he was in it to win it. What has been a very low turnout race, despite some good ground game from all of the candidates, reminds me that my Texas House District needs a lot of help when it comes to civic engagement. And not just registering voters and getting them to the polls. But actually getting them involved in their neighborhoods. And this includes the 80% of people who reside in apartments. I think Jamaal is the candidate who can best be a catalyst for increased excitement and activity, so I urge folks to support him.

In the race for the Dem nomination for U.S. Senate, it has become very important for folks to support Paul Sadler. Unfortunately, Sadler’s lack of fundraising has not been a big help. If anything, the whole “name” thing blamed for support of Sadler’s opponent has left me a bit freaked out. Anyway, VOTE SADLER! You’ll thank me later.

If you reside in Constable Precinct 1, please vote for Cindy Vara-Leija. Over the last half a year, I’ve gotten to know Cindy and she’s real. Cindy is someone whose feet are on the ground and knows how to serve the people in a precinct she has already served for three decades. She has run a hard-fought campaign against a well-funded opponent, and we all know the best campaigns run on people-power. So, support Cindy Vara-Leija!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m rooting for Erica S. Lee for Harris County Department of Education, Pos. 6 (Pct. 1). Erica is highly qualified as a former educator, but mostly as someone who is policy-savvy. Erica would be an amazing advocate for kids, and we need her, along with Diane Trautman and Silvia Mintz, on the November ballot to drive our message home.

So, VOTE! Make your voices heard! And make a difference. Your vote really does matter.

I don’t think I’ll make it to any of the celebrations tonight, but Congrats to all those I support for running some good campaigns. Heck, congrats to all those I don’t support, too!

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