Finally! Let’s Move Toward November!

Well, as in most Democratic Primaries, DosCentavos had a balanced outcome from our pickswe won some, we lost some. Ultimately, I’m just glad it’s over. Here are my thoughts on each race.

US Senate- Paul Sadler:  I’m so glad that Texas Dems realized what was going on and avoided selecting a bad candidate. Although I was apprehensive during Round 1, Sadler was impressive at State Convention. I just want to be clear:  Just because he’s got Ted Cruz as the opponent is no reason to move to the right–that’s just a bad and failed strategy. Sadler must stay sane (to Cruz’s insanity) and press forward.

Congress, District 7-James Cargas:  Well, we got the best candidate, just like I said we should back in December. You always root for the candidate in these things, but I think Dr. Dorina Papageorgiou deserves a lot of credit for the work she did on the campaign trail. I always said we needed this team to help us get an extra dose of ballot energy for November. The strong finish definitely shows Cargas’ campaign ability, too. And an extra congrats to his team for helping seal the real deal.

Texas House District 137-Gene Wu:  Looks like 1445 1128 voters (unofficially-and lowered because it got “Stanart-ized”) decided this one. Being a witness in the district, I can tell you both campaigns worked hard for every single vote. As I’ve stated, District 137 needs a lot of help in the civic engagement department, especially as we move toward November. And since Wu has my friend Greg in his corner, I know some good can come from HD-137 in November.

HCDE, Pos. 6-Erica S. Lee:  The DosCentavos-endorsed Erica S. Lee not only won, but she won big. Always positive and always working, Lee finished a lot stronger than what the 1st Round showed could happen. Sure, there was a bump along the way with the bad precincts from Round 1, but we can see what happens when you actually use the correct precincts.

Constable, Pct. 1-Alan Rosen:  Well, my candidate (Cindy Vara-Leija) didn’t win this one, but having met and talked shop with Alan along the way and at polling locations, I think Pct. 1 will be in good hands once he’s voted in in November. Heck, it never failed, even when he found out I was supporting his opponent, he’d still greet me with an abrazo. Congrats to Alan on a good campaign.

Constable, Precinct 2-Chris Diaz:  I’m thinking this race will be decided after a recount, but after the first count last night (and after Stanart’s fumbling) it looks like Diaz won by 3 votes. Both Diaz and Zerick Guinn ran good campaigns; Guinn with establishment support and Diaz with good ol’ grassroots work. Both qualified in their own way, too. So, we’ll see what happens once all is canvassed. Congrats to Diaz on a great campaign.

Other Dems:

Congrats to Pete Gallego for winning the Dem nod in the Congressional district of my youth (CD23). Gallego had a winning team (including a good friend of mine) helping out against someone whose name recognition still had some value. Especially in some of those Southern counties. Gallego being the strong campaigner, though, has a great chance to seal it in November.

In the coalition district (CD 33) which we ended up with in North Texas, they will have Marc Veasey. Defeating a mostly self-funded opponent, Veasey put together a broad coalition across both counties and came out the victor.

The Other Party:

Well, I guess you can beat a Mexican name, huh? Frankly, I wasn’t in a huff about John Devine’s comment about incumbent David Medina. It wasn’t the first time a Latino got primaried for that reason in the GOP. As I saw a few Latinos rise up to defend Medina, all I could think about was how much he has ruled against progressive interests, and especially matters impacting Latinos. Why should I stand up for him? If I defended him just because of the name, I would be right up there with Devine for challenging him for the exact same reason.

And if anyone is thinking that the Tea Party is making up for Medina’s beating with Ted Cruz, por please! He’s a Teaspanic; meaning he is a lot more anti-Latino than your run-of-the-mill Teaper.

All in all, glad this round is over. We have November to work toward and I’m looking forward to some great victories.

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  1. It looks like HD137 got Stanart-ized. The total vote count was lowered to 1,128, with all of the difference being in E-Day numbers.